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If you are looking for intersesting foliage and texture, this is a candidate. Large thick basal leaves (up to 8 inches) are grey-green on top, considerably more grey undersides, and the leaves curl up at the edges to give you a glimpse of this contrasting tone. Produces whorls of light yellow flowers in discrete tiers along tall flower stems all summer, with the heaviest bloom early summer. Very enjoyable in foliage and flower.
Size: 3 feet tall, 2 - 3 feet wide
Flowering Time: summer
Zones: 4 - 9
Sun/Shade: full sun is best, may tolerate part shade
Price: $5.00, pot size 3"

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Veronica Spicata

Similar in shape, this phlomis produces whorls of bright pink flowers on rich red stems. Foliage is a deep green in color, unlike russeliana above.
Size: 2 - 3 feet tall and wide
Flowering Time: summer
Zones: 5 - 8
Sun/Shade: full sun
Price: $5.00, pot size 3"

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Veronica Austriacum

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