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'Cambridge Scarlet'
didyma 'Marhsall's Delight'
'Prarie Night'
Not really all that exotic, but this perennial is truly solid and dependable. Plus 'Scarlet' is really unbeatable for the clarity of its hue- truly red, no overtones of pink or purple. Marshall's is mid pink, Prarie Night is purple. Long bloom time and aromatic foliage to boot. Slight warning to any allergic to bees- it isn't called beebalm for nothing. Go ahead, do something nice for the bees in your neighbor-hood. Perhaps a little more exotic, but pehaps less desirable in some eyes, it is also available in an amazingly bright fushia. This color matches
that of lychnis coronaria almost exactly, an unbeliveable accidental seedling. I say this because I know of no other perennial offered to date that can make that claim.
Size: 2.5 to 3 feet tall and wide or wider - spreads underground
Flowering Time: mid-summer
Zones: 4 - 9
Sun/Shade: full sune to part shade
Price: $5.00, pot size 3" Specify color.

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Cambridge Scarlet

Prarie Night

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