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spicata 'Icicle'
Beautiful white spires produce in abundance, deadheading will result in a full second flush of bloom, for a continuous display from mid- to late- summer. Forms a wonderfully neat, compact plant, and a nice verticle accent.
Flowering Time:
Price: $5.00, pot size 3"

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Veronica Spicata

spicata 'Blue Carpet'
Amazing dwarf veronica, this forms a 'carpet' of vigorous green leaves. Early to mid-summer produces masses of small blue spikes that com-pletely cover the plant. (Sorry, its a poor picture) Excellent for the front of the garden, one of the few blue/puples of this size and shape.(A few of the campanulas are worthy rivals).
Size: 6 inches tall, variable wide, spreading
Flowering Time: early to mid-summer
Zones: 3 - 8
Sun/Shade: full sun to part shade
Price: $5.00, pot size 3"

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Veronica Austriacum

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